For those of you who know us and have been a part of this ministry, you may have heard that our book {Dancing On My Ashes: learning to love the One who gives and takes away} has been unavailable. Our original publisher went out of business, which threw us for a loop… BUT we clung to the truth that God was not surprised by this and we could trust Him with the story (His Story) we were given to share.

It’s been over a year as we transitioned to the re-releasing of our book! We never imagined it would take that long, but here we are. And I have to say, when it came in the mail a couple days ago I cried. I think we both did. I was in Missouri crying and Holly was in Texas crying… and as sister do we called each other to cry and to celebrate! “Holly, I’m doing a cartwheel! Okay… I’m not actually doing a cartwheel because I’m in my 40’s but in my head I’m doing a CARTWHEEL!” We laughed and then we cried. Ha! God has been faithful to use our heartbreak for His glorious work. It’s humbling. It’s emotional. But I can’t help but be in awe of the healing work He has done in and through us and the BOLDNESS He’s given us to tell others about the Father He is. This book has been a tangible way of sharing hope with others. Seeing it in it’s new form is a reminder of His timing, His ways that are perfect, and His plan that goes forth transforming us one by one.

So here’s what’s NEW in the book: Holly and I took the opportunity to tweak some things, add our reflection/study guide to the back of the book (great for book clubs or for your own personal journaling as you read through the book), and we have a fresh new redesign. I LOVE it! I hope you do too!

There’s a couple ways you can snag the book! If you’re local to one of us, you can get it directly from us for $10. We have some on hand and if you live near us, obviously that’ll save you some shipping

McKinney, Texas, friends you can contact Holly!

Ozark, Missouri, friends you can contact me (Heather)! Or you can find them where I sell my {Story Designs} artwork at Little Bluebird Vintage Boutique.

If you want to purchase one directly from us, but need it shipped, they are $10 + $3 shipping. We’re happy to write you a little somethin’-somethin’ in the book before we send it your way. Here’s the link: PURCHASE THE BOOK

•Or if you want to snag it via Amazon, they are $13.99: Click HERE for AMAZONWe pray this book is a blessing to you and to those you pass it on to!
Stay tuned we have some more things we want to share with you.

Heather & Holly

{Of course, feel free to share this with anyone that you feel led to! I know this book will find it’s way into the hands of those that need to read it. I love how God works like that!}

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