Purchase the Book

Dancing On My Ashes is available in:

  1. Paperback
  2. Audiobook – (A 6-disc audio version, read by the authors)
  3. ebook version
  4. Reflection Questions (for Small Group Discussion or Personal Journaling – 6 week study) – pdf version

We accept all major credit card. To purchase one of these, use:

Buy Now Button  Paperback: $12 (+ shipping/handling}

Buy Now Button  Audio Version: $20 (+ shipping/handling}

Buy Now Button  ebook: $9*  THROUGH THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER (2014) THE EBOOK IS $2 (An email will follow within a few hours including instructions to download.)

Buy Now Button  Reflection Guide: $5

Or you can purchase the paperback from these websites:


Barnes & Noble

Tate Publishing


14 thoughts on “Purchase the Book

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