Give it away. Give it away. Give it away, now! The Results!

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I would say, “And the winners are…” but you’re all winners in my book! Cheesy? Yes, it is. But cheese is good on almost everything, right? Or is that bacon? Hmmmm…. bacon….

Ok, I’m back! Just got me some cheesy bacon to munch on.

Before I get to my announcement, can I say: Thank you for reading, sharing, and commenting over the last few weeks. On this side of the screen, I’ve been encouraged by all the messages and comments I’ve received about what God is revealing in hearts! And the Lord continues to speak sweetly over me, that this isn’t the half of it!

I’ve had some sweet times in prayer over you, reader. I might not know you by name, but God does… and that’s more than enough. His Word NEVER returns void. There’s always beauty that emerges when people believe and trust Him at His Word. So, I’m choosing today to believe what 2 Timothy 1:7 says: We have not been given a spirit of fear, but of POWER, LOVE, AND A SOUND MIND!

The second thing I want to highlight, before I go any further, is this: I’m so proud of my lovely assistant, Mr. Noah, who has been my model in this series! He has done a great job portraying the themes by his facial expressions and body language! He’s a HOOT and a half! So, there’s a shout out to my first born for being willing and so stinkin’ cute!

Ready to get to it? Sheesh, I am! I’ve been announcing the tar out of this. People in fb-land are ready to defriend me… EEK!

Gift #1: The Great Exchange CD along with Heroes Coffeephoto-41

Doesn’t this look like a great way to spend your morning? I mean who doesn’t want to put on over-sized headphones and soak in some GREAT tunes? Your Heroes Coffee can be brewing while you take in the album’s first song: “beauty for these ashes.” Friends, the first time I heard this song I couldn’t hold back the tears. Tyler was singing MY SONG! Only God can take the ashes of your life and make beauty come from it! Some of you can truly relate… you’re nodding right now, aren’t you?! Others of you are thinking, “I want Him to do that for me!” Oh-me-oh-my… HE CAN AND HE WILL if you let Him. That’s another blog for another day. (Or check out what our book’s about if you haven’t!) Who is capable of such a thing? Seriously!? Our God… that’s who! You are gonna L-O-V-E the first track and the second and the third…! (By the way, after I told The Great Exchange what I was up to they donated this cd to our giveaway! Now that’s good people, right there!)

Drum roll please…..


So, don’t be a sore loser if you didn’t win, you can still get a copy through itunes or on their website:!


Gift #2: Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young, along with Heroes Coffee!photo-38

Look at my 6-year-old reading a devotional and drinking a cup of Heroes coffee! (That’s his second one this morning!) Oh, how I’ve poured over the pages in this book. Anytime I open it, I feel as if Jesus, Himself, has nestled Himself in next to me. And as He speaks, the world becomes dim as the eyes of my heart once again aligns with Truth. And Truth, my friend, sets you and I… FREE!

You can get this book anywhere and everywhere! So, if your name was not drawn out of the hat this time, (and that’s exactly how we did it) you can be a happy loser and go purchase a copy for your little ole self. (Here’s a link to the book on amazon.)

Can I get another drum roll, please…..

GIFT NUMBER DOS (two… for those of you who don’t speak Spanish) GOES TO: “Ashley O.”


Thanks for journeying with us on here! It’s been an encouragement to my heart and soul to see how many people are sharing our blog with others. We are seeking to be obedient to what He’s asked of us, to be His voice of Hope and real Love in this dark world! Happy to link arms with each and every one of you as we strive to love our God LOUD!

Until the next post, “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.” (Romans 15:13)

“thearthurz” and “Ashley O.”, email me your addresses privately at, pretty please and I’ll get you your winnings! Hooray!

Fear? Goodness, no! {part 3: A SOUND MIND} & GIVEAWAY


So here we go! The conclusion to our discussion based on 2 Timothy 1:7. If this is your first time to our blog and you’re scratching your head, “Conclusion? I just got here!” Feel free to backtrack to {part 1: POWER}, and then hit {part 2: LOVE}. But if you are the rebellious type and you don’t like me telling you what to do, that’s totally fine. No problem, friend, read on. I promise, I won’t try and make you feel like you’ve stumbled into a conversation mid-way through.

2 Timothy 1:7, sing it with me:


In this post I’m tackling the third gift… A SOUND MIND.

Do any of you feel like you have anything BUT a Sound Mind?? (Ladies, maybe just once a month? No? Then I shall study your ways.)

Do you ever feel like you are out of control? You put the “Cra” in Crazy? I’ve heard some mom’s refer to it as “baby brain”—forgetful, irrational, crying about nothing, and yelling about everything! Sure, let’s blame it on the innocent. (I couldn’t blame crazy brain on them before they entered this world, maybe I should suck-it-up and not do it now.) All joking aside, there is some truth to it. You add together aging, along with a few bundles of joy, countless sleepless nights, years of aspartame, and you’re bound to feel like your brain isn’t quite firing on all cylinders. They say with more grays comes wisdom, but I see it as growing wise to the fact that you’re losing it! Did I just use shampoo or was that the conditioner… darn it, maybe I should just start all over?!

My Mom:  “If I tell you the same story over and over, will you just stop me?” She’s been telling us that recently over and over. Just kidding, Momma! You’re all good!

{*Sidenote: The mind is a powerful gift God has given us, and I might be having fun poking at the reality of what aging naturally does to us, but I’m in no way speaking about mental illness, etc. Just want to make that clear.}

So, what does He mean by “sound mind” anyway?

A sound mind means a disciplined and self-controlled mind. In other words, God did not have it purposed that defeat should be the norm of your Christian walk. We should be disciplined Christians rather than slaves to our emotions. Now, living with a sound mind will not happen in our strength or by believing we’ve got the right mojo to make it happen, rather, we have been gifted with this mind. Now choosing to live using this gift… that’s up to us.

Our mind must be engaged, fixed and focused, and at all times seeking to align ourselves to the gospel of Jesus Christ. John MacArthur said that we’ve been given a sound mind to “focus and apply every part of our lives according to His will.”

Wired by the Creator God, Himself, we at times drip, trickle, slop, and spill out with emotions; but emotional living is not how we are to live. We sometimes make decisions out of fear and anxiety when we’re operating in self-preservation mode or when we “feel” good or bad—that’s not the voice that should control our next step.

We all experience fluctuating feelings, but if you haven’t focused and applied your life, circumstances, dreams and fears to what is said in His Word revealed by His Spirit, then you are not going to make sound, disciplined decision. “You’re not using your noggin’!” as my Dad would affectionately say, while (lightly) knuckling my head.

Are you weak, tired, drained, empty, lost or disengaged? How are you responding based on how you feel? This is an opportunity to take Him at His Word whether you “feel” like it or not—to make a CHOICE (like I talked about in {part 2}) to live in


Q: So if having a sound mind means that we are to be disciplined, controlled, and sound in our decisions, how does fear steal our discipline? How does anxiety and insecurity rob our minds?

A: Anxiety leads you to make rash decisions. Fear makes you explain away what He’s called you to, due to fear of actually having to do it, fear of the unknown, fear of what others might say, or fear of failure. Fear leads us to unbelief and distrust in His Words and His commands. Instead, we set our path based on how we feel.

For those of you that like to talk to yourself, here’s a great passage just for you!
(High-five, peeps, we’re NOT crazy, after all!)

 “Why are you in despair, O my soul? And why have you become disturbed within me? Hope in God, for I shall again praise Him for the help of His presence.” (Psalm 42:5)

Sometimes we just need to give ourselves a little stern talking to by addressing our very souls! And that’s why I love this verse so much! It’s saying, Insert your name here, why are you down? Why are you distraught? Why are you fearful… worried… anxious?” This is where the pep talk comes into play: “Stop it! HOPE IN GOD!”

We need to hear truth whether it’s from one another or from ourselves—CONSTANTLY!

May today we converse with our ever-present God, asking Him to continue to teach us how to live aligning our minds to His Will and asking for peace to reign when we feel crazy, anxious, or tempted to make our own happy. May we choose to live based on TRUTH rather than feelings.

Sooo… speaking of putting Truth in our ears, hearts, and minds, it’s time to explain our GIVEAWAYS! I chose these specifically because you’ll be able to use them as pep talks for your soul! Here’s what’s up for the taking.



#1:  The Great Exchange is a band that I think is fantastic! I would love to give 175away their CD, “We Are The Branches”. I do happen to know the lead singer, Tyler Greene, he’s our worship leader at Lifepoint Church. Not trying to brag or anything, but after you hear him and hear his heart, you’ll see why I sound like I’m bragging. We are a blessed community! The lyrics on this album are full of the Word and the Word never disappoints or returns void. Check out these dudes:

#2:  Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young, is a devotional jesus callingthat Holly and I received from a gal in a church we spoke at in Illinois last year (you know who you are). What a treasure this book has been to me in my personal time with the Lord! If you haven’t heard of it, it’s written as if Jesus was speaking to you. He is a personal God, and this is such a sweet reminder of that intimacy that He longs to have with us. Again, Word-based. There’s a theme here, isn’t there? I’d love to give one away!

AND THAT’S NOT ALL! Along with #1 and #2 the winners will receive a bag of coffee from my favorite roastery: Heroes Coffee! Woah, now I’ve got your attention! “Wake Up. Do Good. Repeat.” That’s their coffeebaghome-heroes-seperato copyslogan! Heroes Coffee Company is a gourmet wholesale roaster in Springfield, Missouri. I didn’t like coffee until I had their coffee! Plus, the owners happen to be friends and neighbors of mine! (If you’re a weirdo and don’t like coffee—been there—it’ll still be a sweet gift to a coffee-lover you know!) Why coffee? Just helps to be awake when we are living out this POWER, LOVE, AND SOUND MIND!


1. Subscribe to our blog, would you? We’re a big fan of God’s Word and we believe in sharing the gospel, and this is one way we do it. We strive to share a little something every three weeks or so. We’ll try not to annoy you.

2. Share this blog post. I know this particular post is the conclusion, but I believe the Lord will use it however He so chooses. Pray as you share…

3. After you’ve shared it, leave a comment below that you’ve shared it and which prize that you would like to win:
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#2 Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young, along with Heroes Coffee!
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I’ll announce the winners of GIFT #1 & GIFT #2 on Thursday 5/23! You’ve got a week: Ready, set, GO!