A better-than-chocolate, Valentine #Giveloveaway

by Heather Gilion

When I’m not in the throws of being Super Mom or Super Wife or just Super Crazy,

or when I’m not traveling with my sister Holly sharing Jesus with all my Fristers (friends + sisters),

or when I’m not writing and sharing my thoughts with those on the other side of the screen…

I am painting.


Photo credit to Ziegler Photography


Photo credit to Ziegler Photography

A year ago I started doing this thing… I started using one of my talents in a new way. I had no idea I’d be up to my neck in orders a year later, but that’s what happened when I said,

“God, what could You do with this?”

So, yes. I’ve been silent on this blog for far too long. I’m striving to learn balance in all the ahhmazing things God has birthed in my heart to do. But even though I may have seemed silent on the blog, it’s only because my paint brush has become another way I use my voice. So I thought it was time to give my two worlds a proper introduction. Shake hands, why don’t you! I think you are going to like one another.

If you’ve read our book, Dancing On My Ashes, then you know it is FULL of Scripture upon Scripture that God used to speak into my life and bring healing to my bones. His Word gave me direction, hope, fire, home-sickness, joy, peace… purpose. A year ago I prayed,

“God, what could You do with this hobby of mine? It’s Yours! These hands are Yours. My time is Yours. Show me how to use it to point people to You.”

Well, be careful what you pray for, right?

No! Pray. Don’t be scared. Pray them BIG prayers, it’s fun. Well, I’m watching God do what only He can do with a willing heart and refurbished wood and paint. You see, the Scriptures that I’ve treasured in my heart are now hanging on walls in homes all across the country. I started with some of MY favorite verses and then requests started pouring in for me to paint YOUR favorite verses.

“Can you make Isaiah 41:10 for my wife. It was the verse she clung to all through chemo.”


“I’d love to have a piece with Ephesians 3: 20 hanging in my home. I went to a women’s conference and God really used it to speak into my life.”


“We are adopting from Africa, and this verse is why.”


“John 1:5 is our verse. We have been called into the darkness to stand as a beacon of light.”


“I’m praying this for my grand baby.”


“Joshua 24:15 needs to hang in our home for our friends and family to see that we are anchored to Him.”


“Jeremiah 29:11 always seems to bring me back to the truth that I can trust HIS plan for my life.”


Sometimes I just paint what is on my heart and watch how God will use it.

IMG_6121IMG_4860 IMG_4380IMG_5587 IMG_6178IMG_4315 IMG_5876 IMG_3224 IMG_3673IMG_5792IMG_6084IMG_4119

And almost every time, story after story would emerge of how God chose to use each piece to display His goodness to His people. A love that is more than just wood and paint… it’s a supernatural love that pursues us. Relentless. Beautiful. Present.

Look where this piece ended up! It was purchased to be placed in a new shelter in Ethiopia through a beautiful organization called “Out of the Ashes.” She sent me a picture yesterday and I bawled my eyes out!


“Can you paint my mom’s final words she said to my sister and I before she passed away?”


Other times I have been asked to paint favorite songs…

“My mom’s favorite song is Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) by Chris Tomlin. I’d love to surprise her with it.”


“My sister and her family want the Creed hanging in their home as the theme of their lives.”


These three pieces were made for families after losing children. Can you imagine the tears I shed over each of these pieces?

IMG_5690 IMG_5303IMG_6224

So this is just a quick look at all the fun God is letting me have in painting truth on wood πŸ˜‰ And it all comes back to this for me.


HIS Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. I will continue to ask God to use what I have. My gifts at times feel like a couple loaves of bread and some fish, but when we take those things and hold them up to God we can watch what ONLY HE can do with them. I’m thankful to get to paint and meditate on His love letter to His people.

Which brings me to the gist of this post. I thought it would be fun to do a little giveaway. I’m calling it a Give-Love-Away! #giveloveaway


Here are three pieces and I’m going to give ONE away on Valentine’s Day!

#1 Be Still

#2 It is well with my soul

#3 The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me {psalm 138:8}

I’m also giving away our book, Dancing On My Ashes to the winner! Follow steps one through three below and you’ll be officially entered… #4 and #5 give you an extra shot.

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  3. Leave a comment here on this blog stating which art piece you’d like to win and why. {Maybe you want to enter to win one of these pretty pieces for someone else? That would be AWESOME! Enter to win FOR THEM! That would be in line with #giveloveaway!}
  4. Share this post with the hashtag #giveloveaway and get your name in the drawing twice! Whoop whoop!
  5. Follow the blog while you’re at it and get ANOTHER ENTRY in the drawing!

I will announce the winner on Valentine’s Day! Entry deadline is February 13, 2015, at midnight (CST). The winner must be in the lower 48, unless you want to pay the extra charge for international shipping.

Okay! I think that’s it! Happy liking and sharing and giveloveaway-ing!

186 thoughts on “A better-than-chocolate, Valentine #Giveloveaway

  1. Love, love, love all your work. It makes me feel good. Feel happy. And I especially love my piece you did for me! (Will send my pic to you when I get my room redone!) I choose “Be Still”!!! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Alisha! I just finished up another piece like yours πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait to see yours when the room is all done! xoxo

  2. All three pieces are just beautiful and represent God’s handiwork in all of us. The one I went to use would be “be still”. It reminds me of them in the craziness of life I just need to stop and listen to him. Our God is our protector our strengthand our guide through all things. Recently my mom unexpectedly came to live with us and ending up having to have brain surgery. Many times I just had to remind myself to be still and listen to my God they were all the craziness through all the silence he is my rock and my salvation. My mom is getting to the point where she’s about ready to move back out on her own, what a great reminder this would be for her to hang in her house if It was win.

    • Hi, Marla! Thank you for sharing about your mom! I’m thankful that you’ve witnessed His faithfulness even among the craziness of life. Much love!

  3. Beautiful work! If I were to win, I would choose ‘It is Well!’ Would be an awesome reminder to let the love and joy of Christ rule in our hearts…no matter what the world throws at us!

    Wendy Dunl

  4. #3 , we adopted last year and constantly pray for our sweet daughter and her amazing ability to know learn about God and know God and be able to read the Bible and be in a church. Number three would be an awesome piece for us to hang in her room and to remind us and her every day psalms 138:8 “the Lord will fulfill his purpose for me” and as we know we are obedient to the Lord and his calling for us to adopt her so that he is able to fill her purpose and ours πŸ™‚ ps LOVE your book!

    • Chelsee… I’m so thankful that your daughter will know love under your roof. I’m praying this verse over her life right now!

  5. It Is Well with My Soul – my all-time favorite! A great reminder when life gets hard – because of God’s love, it is well withy soul!

    • Amen! This is one of my all time favorite hymns as well. I remember singing it as a young person, but today I really sing it! I get it. Love to you, my friend.

  6. If I were to win I would want #3 “The Lord fulfill his purpose for me” because I have been struggling with infertility and it is a remind that despite my failures The Lord has a something great planned for me.

    • Hi, Courtney! Thank you for sharing what you are going through. I’m asking God to be near you right now. That the peace of our Only Hope in this world will calm your fears and still your spirit. That as you hold on to Him that you will have eyes to see that He’s holding on to YOU! He’s got you. He’s got this. I’m praying that God will do as He pleases in your life and that He will fulfill His purpose for you. We find Him in our most broken places. “Lord, be near the brokenhearted. I know You… You will not disappoint.”

  7. Hi love them all!! So beautiful!! I would choose #1 Be Still. I would give it to my husband for his office. He is beyond a blessing to me. He is my hearts desire in so many ways. This past year has been very rough on him and through all of it he has been so strong, trusting God in all of it.

  8. So difficult to choose! If it were for myself, I might choose “Be Still” but I would rather give # 3 to our daughter, Nadia, who is due to be born any day now. I thought I would never be married or have a child, but I married at 35 and had a son at 37. After two losses, we thought our family was complete, but God has a purpose for this little girl. I am in awe of His love for us!

    • Keri, oh how wonderful is our God! How beautiful it is to watch Him write our story. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your journey! I’m so thankful our paths crossed all those years ago… and now we cling to our God who is good, who is kind, who is our Ultimate Companion. Love you! Can’t wait to see your sweet baby girl!

  9. I love all your pieces. They are all so beautiful! The piece I would choose it the # 2 It is Well with my Soul. I love this. My mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor over a year ago. The Drs gave her only months to live, but we knew that wasn’t Gods plan for her life. Through all her fight this past year seeing her struggle, I have always leaned on God to help me through. There is a song that Bethel Live sings called “It is Well”. This has been such an amazing song to listen to. No matter what life might bring. No matter what mountain might be standing in front of us, I will always know that it is well with my soul and God is there to get me through it.

    • Oh, fellow-Heather πŸ˜‰ I absolutely LOVE the Bethel version of It is Well. My sister and I started singing it places where we speak. I love the line “The waves and wind still know His name”… gets me every time!

  10. I LOVE all your work!! But #3 really caught my attention the first time i saw you share a picture of it. Of course it would be awesome for me or one of my children, but I had an even better idea for that verse… My mom works with a ministry called If Not For Grace (INFG). They work with abortion wounded men and women, seeking God’s healing from the traumatic experience the individuals have had after choosing to end their child/children’s life. The work they do is amazing! Throughout the year they also host “Reconciliation Weekends” here in Springfield where participants walk through mourning and healing over their child/children. I’ve witnessed a portion of their weekend and it is unbelievable the way God moves and heals. All that to say, wouldn’t it be wonderful for those women and men to walk away from their healing process with this verse, confidant that God will use them for His purpose despite their past?! And will use their past for His glory!

    • Oh my goodness, Laura! How amazing is this…what a wonderful ministry! I had never heard of this ministry before! If you don’t win, I still would love to do something special for INFG! Whatever would benefit them the most… donating books or making a piece for the ministry. Just let your mom know that I’m definitely willing to be a part of loving on these men and women in some form. Thanking God for what He’s doing!

  11. I would pick number 3. It would be perfect in my office. I supervise 50 college students and it would be a reminder to each of them daily.

  12. #3 The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me.
    This is something I struggle with often. I know I’m here for a purpose; I just don’t know what that purpose is just yet. I just trust in The Lords perfect timing though.

    • I totally, wholeheartedly understand. You can trust Him. You are right, His timing is perfect… He will reveal Himself to you. I know so many days I would get so frustrated not knowing or not being able to see the BIG picture. And then in His gentle way, He would remind me that it’s not about the destination, but the journey with Him day in and day out. He does indeed have a purpose for you…
      P.S. Thanks for entering πŸ˜‰

  13. I would love to have ” it is well with my soul”. May 1st I lost my best friend and mentor to a long bout with cancer. She is dancing on streets of gold with the love of her life, Jesus! And for that I’m grateful! One of the last Facebook posts she made as she sat in a hospital room was ” it is well”! I would be honored to have this painting to remind me of her amazing strength! She was a living testimony that all is well with Jesus!

    • WOW! Mandy, this is just beautiful! Oh my word… I wish I could make a piece for EVERYONE! I love the reason behind you wanting this piece. I’m thankful for your friend’s faith in Jesus. Oh what a day it will be, when there is no more death, no more sickness, no more heartache, no more suffering, no more tears… one day! One day! Until then… we press on. Whispering to ourselves on good days, “It is well.” And on the hard days, “It is still well.”

      Thanks for entering the giveaway πŸ˜‰

  14. you know how much I love all your pieces! It is Well is dear to my heart though! As I told you my story the other day, God continues to comfort and give peace that passes all understanding! No matter what, it is well with my soul! Love you girl! Thank you for dreaming big and following after God with all your heart! Your work has touched so many and will touch so many more to come!!

    • I adore you, Lindsey. His beauty in you is stunning! Thank you for loving Him the way you do. I’ve been praying for your family… you’ve come to my mind quite often actually. Love to you, friend!
      It IS well…

  15. This is amazing! I also paint in a similar way(though nowhere near this good) and Ive seen God use it in awesome ways. I would love to win #1 “Be Still”
    I LOVE this one. Life is choatic and crazy, especially this season of life for me. So much is changing, good and bad. I recently found out my sister had gone to the doctor and they found some lumps in her breast. We dont know anything yet but its scary. This painting and the phrase itself reminded me that in crazy, confusing, difficult times, we just need to be still and seek out God.
    You are so gifted and its a blessing to see how God has used you!!

    • Kasey, thank you for sharing a bit of what is going on in your world right now! Praying that God can still your heart when the world seems unsettled and scary at times. He is aware and He is near! Thank you for encouraging my heart and the ministry He’s called me to. In Him we live and move…
      P.S. thanks for stopping in and entering the giveaway!

    • And why? Well, because in the midst of all life throws at me, or anything that happens, this is really THE most important thing to remember! Things might not be “well” in any other area of life. But it IS well with my soul!

    • I think even if this would have been the only Scripture in the Bible, I still would be meditating on it and working through it my entire life πŸ˜‰ Thanks for entering the giveaway, Liz!

  16. Heather, I have been admiring your work for sometime now… And it is beautiful! I love how you take God’s word and make it into something so creative. Although all the pieces you’re giving away are beautiful, I love the verse in Psalms. I believe finding God’s purpose and I live is something that we strive for all of our Christian life, but I don’t think it’s ever fully attained until we see him face-to-face. Because it is only then when all the trials, joys, and sorrows will make sense because all of the pieces of our lives will be put together in that moment.

  17. #1 Be still. God has blessed me with great Christian women in my life who are usually a few steps/stages ahead of me. It has been amazing to gain so much from these women! Currently the lovely and gracious woman is Vickie. Every conversation we have is refreshing to my soul. Not always easy to hear. Not always knee-slappers. Not always enjoyed over a cup of ice cream. But always refreshing! She has shared Psalm 46:10 with me many times. She will admit that she is learning to be still and recognize God’s work. She challenges me to remember the same thing, even in the midst of the craziness that comes. I would love to give this to her as a sweet reminder and a gift to attempt to tell her what she means to me!

    • How sweet, Jaye! Thanks for sharing how much Vickie means to you. I too am so thankful God places women like this in my life.

  18. Heather- I love your work and the way you have gone about it. Your prayer of asking God to use your talents for his glory and watching what He has done with it, is inspiring. I’d be honored to have any of your pieces in my home or to share with a friend- selfishly I want both! πŸ˜‰ I have a friend getting ready to walk into a battle for her 8 month old facing major skull surgery on March 11. Any of the three would be perfect reminders of God’s truth for her. I’d love to #giveloveaway !

    • Thank you for entering… and thank you for sharing what your friend is walking through. I’m praying for her child right now!

  19. Beautiful work! #3 would be awesome to hang in our home for my husband to see and God’s truth penetrate his heart daily, even unknowing, for now, to him. Praying Circles around him. Thank you for this opportunity!

  20. It is Well With My Soul

    I’ve just recently gained new understanding on this – the wellness of my soul does not depend on if I feel content in my circumstances but rather what CHRIST HAS ALREADY DONE to make me “well” & enjoy fellowship with Him.

    It *IS* well with my soul.

    • Amen and amen! I love when the Lord allows us to go through things that make us really get this! It is not fun, but definitely His grace that we can understand that no matter what it can be well with our souls.

      Thanks for entering… stay tuned!

  21. It Is Well With My Soul.

    The Gospel. Christ has made my soul well. Regardless of circumstance, His work is greater. He paid both my debt & my ransom & gave me fellowship & kinship with the King. HE is the “wellness” of my soul. I declare Him.

  22. First, I had no idea the creator of these signs was also behind Dancing on My Ashes. While in Haiti, I read this book. It blew me away and taught me so much about God’s enduring faithfulness and provision…which impacted me greatly while in another country (and especially one so poor but rich with joy as Haiti). I actually had the book stolen while in Haiti, and while my gut reaction was frustration, it quickly turned into a prayer that God will reveal Himself to a known believer through your words! How incredible would that be!!
    Second, I would certainly pick the third sign (The Lord will fulfill is purpose for me). I’m about to graduate with my masters degree in social work and embark in a brand new area in life. I’ll currently pre-leasing my first apartment entirely on my own and trying to figure out my next steps in life. I have big dreams and big goals and lots of heart to do what God wants…if I knew what that was. This sign in my new apartment would be a constant reminder of God’s hand in my life and His everlasting love of every detail in my life. That God is constantly in control and sees the big picture when I cannot. I’m praying big prayers for Him to use my gifts and trusting that God will continally reveal pieces of His plans when He knows best.

    • Hi, Krysta! I couldn’t believe that your book was stolen! How funny and not funny. Okay, regardless if you win or not… I WILL GET YOU ANOTHER BOOK! πŸ˜‰ Send me your address: hgilion@lifepointozark.com

      I’m praying with you that it will fall into just the right hands at just the right moment!

      He does have plans for you and will fulfill His purpose in your life!

  23. Your work is incredible. have been thinking of you and praying for you this past week. Your blog is an encouragement and hope to me. All three of these pieces are absolutely incredible. The Lord has spent the past five years talking to me about stillness and listening and restoration. Thank you for this post, and for your blog. Your words bring peace and healing to my spirit. DAF

    • Oh my sweet anonymous friend! Oh how I love when I see your name on my blog. Thank you for thinking and praying for me. Won’t Heaven be a blast, meeting strangers that have become friends through prayer and a common love for our Creator God. Thanks for entering… stay tuned.

  24. I would love the “It is Well” sign for my mom and dad…mom has Alzheimer’s, but she will likely remember Scripture and hymns long after her memory of all else has faded. Dad is looking at assisted living homes for the two of them…a difficult decision for sure. I’d love to have this piece be a focal point for them that transitions with them…reminding mom of where her Hope lies, though all around her becomes more and more unfamiliar every day. And my dad can sing it to her in his horribly off-key voice that radiates love for the Lord and his beloved wife of 45 years this year.

    • Janette, this totally made me tear up! I can picture your sweet parents. Thank you for entering the drawing! Stay tuned!
      I sure wish I could give everyone a piece! πŸ˜‰

  25. i would choose number 3 bc it would look best in my living room, but it’s a serious tie with number 2 bc it’s my favorite hymn.

  26. I would choose # 3, as it is an awesome promise. I also think it ties in with #’s 1 & 2. Recently I’ve been going through some times of change, and change is good. But sometimes I need a little reminder that God is there and that He will fulfill his purpose for me in my life. God has brought me through a season of change last year, when a couple of ministries that I was in disbanded; God brought me two new and more permanent ministries. It has been a season of healing and growth for my life, and even though I still fall short at times, I know that God is right there and will continue to guide me. He never fails and will never let me down.

    If I win, I will give the book to a friend and will probably keep the art piece for myself.

    • Jennifer, you are so right! They all go together, don’t they! I hadn’t stopped to take that in until you mentioned it. Thanks for entering the giveaway! Stay tuned!

      He’s got great things in store for you!

  27. #3 The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me {psalm 138:8}
    #1 Be Still
    I love both of these, if I do not win one, I would purchase.

    • Thanks, Roxanna!
      Stay tuned… I will announce the winner on Saturday! If you don’t win you can contact me on my facebook page! Thanks!

  28. Oh sweet friend, you continue to amaze me. Could you even begin to imagine what He had in mind for you from the beginning of time???? I love # 3. My life was planned out, things were GREAT, I LOVED MY LIFE!!!! Crash, bang, derailment, wandering aimlessly, waves crashing over me, L O S T
    The Lord was not finished with me even though I thought at the time He had taken the wrong person home. My WHY’S were never answered BUT, HE is fulfilling his purpose for me. How merciful and loving our Savior is!!!!!

    • Amen, Teena! Oh do I get all this! But God… He is the only one that can take our ashes and bring about such beauty! Shine on, my friend!

  29. I would love to win the second one for my Mother in law. Yesterday would have been her son and my’s 5th wedding anniversary, but sadly he died 2 1/2 years ago. I love the song, It is Well With My Soul, and I love the story behind it. So many times when I am almost drowning in a sea of grief, I find myself singing that song, and before long I am praising my Lord. My mother in law loves that song as well, as did our Adam. Because no matter what…It Is Well.

    • Wondering Widow… I loved how you explained how God leads us to praise Him even when there are tears streaming down our cheeks! I am thanking God that we can stay connected here. And thanks for entering the drawing. May God be so close to you and your mother in law as you seek comfort from the God of all Comfort and Peace. He is good. And it is true… no matter what comes our way, In HIM it is well with our soul.

  30. I absolutely love them all, but I suppose my heart settles on number three. It is something that is really comforting to remind myself of. I need to not forget that the Lord will fulfill his purpose for me!

  31. I love your art! If I were to win, I would like the “Be Still” sign. I think it would serve as a reminder that so many times we frantically try to fix things, or step ahead of God to resolve something rather than just sitting back to “Be Still” and listen for God’s direction! Love it! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  32. We are about to have to say good bye to our first foster babies & though our hearts break at the thought, we know the Lord called us to this place & will carry us by His Grace. We would like #3 to put in our “foster room” for them & any children the Lord brings to us in the future. An added plus is that it’s my favorite color. πŸ™‚

    • Oh, Julie! Your entry really got me! I’m thanking God for these children that were under your roof and in your arms. He indeed has a plan for their lives. Praying as you love as He has called you to!

  33. I always love seeing your work on fb! You have an amazing talent! I love all three pieces but my favorite is ” be still “. Definitely a message I need to hear often.

  34. i love the piece which states that the Lord will fulfill His purpose in me. I’m currently staying at home with my babies but God has placed a little tickle to do more…down the road. I’m praying about what that will be and I reference this scripture a lot because I have no ideas what His purpose is at this time. I DO have faith that it will be revealed when He is ready for me to pursue it though!

    • Oh I totally get the stage of life you are in. I love when He plants a seed like that. It is so exciting… and it can at times drive you a little crazy in the waiting πŸ˜‰ I’m getting ready to make a few pieces that say, “Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God could be who you’re tucking in at night.” Let that encourage you in the season you are in today.

  35. The Lord will fulfill His promise. I need this daily reminder when I see myself alone. No family of my own. Working 2 jobs. Why? I pray for this sense of purpose.

    • Praying for you right now, Shayna. I know it’s hard… praying you will sense His nearness to you in a real and tangible way right now. He loves you and He cares.

  36. I would absolutely love the daily reminder of “The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me {psalm 138:8}”.

    I liked on FB: Kelly Minyard

  37. They are all beautiful. But #3 is the one that I need to be reminded of. Since finding out my husband had cancer my life has turned into something Inhad not planned on or prepared for. It is sometimes hard to recognize our life in this moment. I try to remind myself daily that just because it is not what I had expected and I have no control over anything it feels that He knew what was going to happen and what is to follow. And the only thing I need to control is myself putting everything in His great hands because He will fulfill His plan for us all. Thank you for being such an inspiration and sharing His message in such beautiful and touching ways.

    • Thank you for sharing a piece of your journey with us. I’m praying for you tonight…
      You are right, He wasn’t surprised by any of this, even though you were. And He’s big enough to carry you through. Watch and see what He is doing. He is near and He cares for you.

      -Hugs to you!

  38. I entered four ways. I would like the “Be Still And Know That I Am God”. It just seems the most fitting for my situation and fits in the best in my home. I love your plaques and the meaningful messages in them.

  39. I would love to have #2-that is one of Charlie’s top favorite hymns & I would love to surprise him with that for Valentine’s Day. It would be a lovely addition to our home ; even more so since I know the artist personally! ❀️ ( p.s.: you continue to amaze me & I am so proud of you-like one of my own kids!)

    • Thanks, Sarah! You are the best! Stay tuned… I will announce the winner on Saturday morning. Maybe it’ll be you/Charlie πŸ˜‰

  40. i love love love the third one that says He will fulfill His purpose for me. I am a single mom on a crazy faith journey with God that sometimes feels so much bigger than I could possibly do. But I’ve seen Him make the way for the three of us over and over again. And I fight off discouragement by clinging to the scriptures He has lovingly brought to my attention to keep that spark of hope alive.
    I love your work and will very much enjoy seeing it as you share on your facebook pages. It reminds me of the bible journaling that has become a favorite way for me to meditate on scripture as I doodle it out. Thank you for this giveaway and for sharing from your heart and praying for those you create art for.

    • Becky, Thank you for you sweet post/comment. I’m thanking God for you right now. Stay tuned! I’ll announce the winner tomorrow!

  41. My Choice would be #3… I’m just going to be brutally honest here. My “want to” has disappeared. Born with a disability, abused growing up, in an unhealthy marriage – through all of that I’ve still always had (though sometimes very small) my “want to”. I want to lean on Jesus in deep, WHOLE-making ways. I want to have a faith and a hope that others can see. I want to be happy in my marriage. I want to keep learning sign language. I want to, somehow, quilt ASL quilts for deaf children in countries where differences most likely mean abandonment, judgement and rejection.These are my “want to’s” but I don’t have them. I don’t even want to get up in the morning most days. I don’t believe that there is hope, love and grace as close as a cry out to God. I can’t see God’s purpose for my life through the tears in my eyes. I want to “want to” see and do and believe in and for all these things but I don’t right now. I am just living in an endless amount of pain, depression and purposelessness. As perfect as this Valentine would be for me right now, what is most important is your prayers for all the people with disabilities (and without)….that their “want to” is restored; that they are alive with purpose, creativity and devotion; that they believe in God again and always. God bless you, Beloved.

    • Cathleen, thank you for being honest… I mean it… thank you. I am praying for you. I’m joining you as you bring before the Lord even your want to’s. He is listening and He does have good things in store for you, even when you can’t see it or feel it. God understands and hears your heart’s cry. I’m thankful that you were willing to share a glimpse into what you are thinking, feeling, and enduring. I was praying for you the other night and asking God to show His love to you in real and tangible ways. Love and hugs to you, my friend.

  42. Do I have to pick one?! I love the “Be Still” picture because I ALWAYS need the reminder. I would love the “It is Well” picture for my mom and dad because we are literally on the other side of the world from each other. The Lord has called us to very distant places of ministry, but because of Christ we can all say, “IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL!”

  43. I think all 3 speak into different parts of my life right now. Constantly fighting to have time to Be Still, reminded often that it IS well with my soul but I think I would choose the 3rd one as I go back to school this week and take one step at a time toward what God has next in my life! I know He is daily unfolding his purpose for my life. It’s an exciting ride!

    Keep doing what you’re doing! Your art is amazing and I love even more the truth that is spoken in each area of your life…through spoken words, music and written words. God is good!

    • Yes, HE is! Congratulations on going back to school! Whoohoo!
      Stay tuned, friend! I’ll announce the winner tomorrow πŸ˜‰ Love and hugs to you and your family!

  44. I would life #3. In life, like all of us, I have had to wait on some big desires of my heart to come true. The best lessons are learned in the wait. They make fulfillment even sweeter. God will fullfill his purposes for me, for all of us. What a promise to hold onto.

  45. Beautiful, inspirational work! I Love all! #3 is my favorite, and would be for my daughter who is getting married this summer to remind her of God’s sovereign, and beautiful plan for her life .

  46. #2. We are hoping to close on our first house this week, and we also have a 9 month old baby! I have been thinking lately how much we need Scripture in our home for our daughter to see every day! That made a huge impact on me growing up. I love your work!

  47. I LOVE all these paintings !!!! I would like to enter my 13 year-old daughter Lacey …she stresses out so often and I always remind her to Pray to God for strength and comfort and guidance…

  48. All 3 pieces are beautiful. Love seeing scripture created this way & in homes!! I would choose the third one, it resonates with my heart. Being open for God to use me!! Your book sounds awesome too!!

  49. I would choose It is Well With My Soul. I remember singing that hymn growing up and we sing it ever so often in our church now and each time I hear that song something just happens to my heart. It definitely reminds that God is in control and he will take care of all things.It is also one of the few hymns my teenage girls know and love to sing as well.

  50. I love, love, love number 3 and have been planning on ordering this piece for my sweet miracle’s bedroom. In July, 2011, the baby girl we were going to adopt made a suprise entrance at 27 6/7 weeks gestation weighing 1 lb 5 oz and only 13″ long. She was a fighter from day one, defying all the odds. She spent 95 long days in the NICU and finally came home to us. Little did we know, but out journey had barely begun. In January, 2012, she became very ill, and eventually was put in a medically induced coma, intubated and flown to a Children’s Hospital seven hours from our home. She and I spent 4 months there, i never left her side, while she fought the fight of her life. She ended up with a trach, on a ventilator, with a feeding tube, and a port for infusions. She has no immune system,and had horrible lungs. When they flew her to Minneapolis, there was only room on the plane for me and her, my husband had to drive the long seven hour trip. As I sat in the waiting room as they worked on her, trying to get her little body to accept mechanical ventilation, I prayed, and prayed. Finally, teh doctor came to me and said “we have very good luck here, some of the best pediatric specialists in the country, but you guys are going to need more than that, I suggest you start praying and dont’ stop. It was a hard, horrid journey, but she never gave up, God never gave up on her and I know from the moment He decided to introduce her three months early, He had a plan for her. Again, that was evident when she defied the odds day after day, diagnosis after diagnosis, to still be here with us. She has changed everyone she has touched, she is a living miracle and proof of His work and we all cannot wait to witness his plans for her. That bible verse speaks to us and for our sweet Cambria she is proof of his greatness. Thank ou!

    • What a beautiful miracle! Thank you so much for sharing a bit of your journey with me. Wow! Praising our God with you for her life and how He continues to show His goodness through her!
      Hugs to you, my friend!

  51. Wow! What a blessing to see everyone’s stories. I am a young married in my twenties and I work at a school and recently we had the privilege to hear Holly come and share yalls story. It truly impacted me and I went home that evening with a different outlook on my marriage. I praise God for using your book and ministry to share the Gospel. I would love to hang sign #2 in my office to share with the students I serve everyday. Thank you for using the talents God has given you and Holly to further his kingdom.

  52. What a sweet giveaway…I love all of these! My mom bought #2 from Daisy Mae’s and it looks so wonderful hanging in her house! I would love to have that one as well, I love that great reminder that no matter our circumstances, “it is well with my soul”. Such a perfect reminder that our peace, joy, and identify is in Christ alone. Thank you for sharing your gift!

  53. I love painted wood art and I ESPECIALLY love it when it’s covered in Scripture!! The “It is well” piece is my favorite because the story behind that song is so incredible. Is such a great reminder! Thanks for the fun giveaway! Love your stuff!

  54. I love you work!! Just beautiful! I often pop into admire your new things! It is well is my favorite! It would look great in my living room and it’s a great reminder.

  55. I like them all. If I win, you can send me which ever one you feel lead to and that will be the one the Lord would have me have. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us.

  56. I would LOVE to win the one that says “It is well with my soul” it has taken me several months to be able to say this, but it finally has become truth not only in my head but also my heart. After finding out we would not be able to have kids I had a lot of questions for God as I wondered why he had allowed this, but I can now rest assured that he knows what he is doing and I can say that I can rest assured he knows what is best and his plan is well with my soul! We also will be moving oversees soon as missionaries and that has opened all new territories for doubts and uncertainties, but through it all “it is well with my soul” because I know he in in control of all the details! Thanks heather for using your talents for Jesus!

    • I feel like I’m constantly saying, “I trust You, Jesus. I trust You, Jesus.” It aligns my heart and mind as I encounter different obstacles in my daily life. I’m thanking God that He is birthing this truth as an anchor to your soul. God bless you and your hubby as you seek to follow Him wherever He leads! Stay tuned… we draw the winner tomorrow. Love to you!

  57. Sweet Heather! I’m dripping tears on my ipad as I write you this message! So much encouragement here. Life can be so hard, but our God is so good! Thank you for sharing this post. I’m not entering your drawing (I want someone else to be able to enjoy one of your pieces!), but of course I’ll like your pages. Love you, friend!

    • Thank you for your sweet comment, Anne… I’m glad I’m not the only one crying over how good our God is and how much we need Him! All these entries have just about leveled me! I’m praying over all these sweet strangers and friends that just love His truth! Love you!

  58. I would choose #2. It is well with my soul. It is truth and would be a gret reminder to look at every day that Jesus provided that for me. I love all your work. My friend and pastor’s wife would love this so I would give this to her if I won the contest.

    • That’s very sweet of you to enter for your pastor’s wife! I LOVE that! I’ll announce the winner of the drawing tomorrow!

  59. I seriously love all the scriptures you paint and the colors you use and put together. But, in this case, I really like #2 because it is so simple in color and statement. I would really enjoy this reminder in my new house for me and my family.

  60. I like #3 because it reminds me that my life is in God’s hands and He has a plan/purpose for me. Thank you for using you’re talent to share God’s word! Your signs are beautiful!

  61. So beautiful, Heather! I shared on FB and on Twitter.

    They are all so inspiring and absolutely gorgeous, but if I HAD to choose, I’d pick “Be Still.” I’m a “fixer” and sometimes when I’m waiting on God that’s the hardest thing for me to do…be still.

    • Oh… me too! I kept painting this “be still” piece in one of the craziest seasons of my life. Haha! I think God was trying to tell me something πŸ˜‰

  62. I love #3 somedays I feel like I am just chasing my tail and wonder if what I am doing matters to anyone. This is such a beautiful reminder that he loves and values me more than any other creature or thing on this earth.

  63. I LITERALLY LOVE EVERY PIECE! I want to fill my house with your Christian inspired artwork!!! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  64. I think my favorite would be “it is well with my soul”. I’ve always loved that quote. It has just always brought me peace. Even when life gets hectic and everything just seems crazy. I can remember that quote and song and it helps me get through the chaos.

  65. All these are so great and speak to me in different ways! The one that stands out the most is The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me. It has been a tough 5 months for my husband and I in our marriage. It’s not always easy to see God in tough circumstances but I know God has purpose for me in those times. I have been amazed at what God has led me to do in a few short months but I know he’s piecing together something beautiful!

    • Bess, Thank you for your entry and sharing why this would bless your household! He loves showing Himself faithful as we trust Him with everything.

  66. I have followed your work all year. I keep trying to find a piece at Daisy Mae’s, but you’re pretty much sold out every time I go in. That’s a great thing for you.
    I also wanted to let you know how much your book has blessed me. A friend on mine bought me the book after hearing you speak at her church. I am a young widow too and your book was the first time I felt like someone else in the world really understood my pain.
    Which leads me to why I would like #2 It is Well. One of our best friends sang that song at my husband’s funeral and I was really able to say it is well with my soul.
    Thank you for sharing your gifts with me and using them to reach more women for Jesus. Your work is truly a blessing to so many.

    • I’m so thankful the Lord is crossing our paths! I’m praying for you right now… that He will show His extravagant love for you.

      And yes, I try and keep things in Daisy Mae’s but there are times that I can’t keep up πŸ˜‰ I think I sell more via custom orders these days. So if you ever see anything you just have to have you can message me πŸ˜‰

      Love to you, my sister!

  67. Hey Heather, if I were to win I would love #3 for a birthday of a long-distance friend who is getting ready to apply for professional schools! Love your work πŸ™‚

  68. I think my favorite is “It Is Well.” One of my favorite hymns. He is our unchanging Rock, in every season! He’s our source of consistent joy. You are incredibly talented. Thanks for using your talents to bless others and build His Kingdom! ❀️

  69. I love your work heather! I’ve recently been gettingn into crafting and painting as well and your work is a huge inspiration. I would love to win #2. I am a bit of a newly-wed still (a year and a half) and I struggle with anxiety in almost every aspect of life. I struggle with knowing if I’m doing things right as a wife and I’m in the process of trying to get into PA school and the fear of rejection/failing weighs heavily on my heart constantly. I have to remind myself often that “it is well” and if it isn’t now, it will be because God knows the plan and will see it through. Thanks for all the inspiration you share!

    • Hi, Courtney! I’m praying over you right now! You can trust Him! He will not fail you!
      P.S. my hubby is a PA! If you need anything or have any questions, he would be happy to talk to you.

  70. Heather, I adore your strength and artist abilities!! Your sister and you have been inspiration to me! I LOVED your book! God had a way of bringing your book to help me and letting me see I’m not alone in my journal/pain! Then I had the privilege of meeting both you at a women’s retreat in Jefferson City. God works in mysterious ways! Words can’t express how much that meant to me! I feel if I were to have to privilege to have #3 it would help me keep the faith to know God is not done with my story! God bless you! I pray you continue to reach and give hope to many, many people! #giveloveaway

    • We love you, Katie! And thank God for having our paths cross! Thanks for your encouraging words. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow! YAY!

  71. Hello sweet momma! #3- “Be Still” speaks to me in this crazy world! Love your talent and your heart! (And the stories of your boys)

    • Thanks for entering, Kay! I still treasure our times together sharing life, talking about Jesus in your living room. Love you bunches!

  72. #3 The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me {psalm 138:8}

    I would choose this one because ultimately it is my life prayer. That God would have HIS way in my life. That HIS purpose would be fulfilled! It also speaks to me in times of sorrow or just plain ole bad days…I can always go back to this verse and KNOW that God is good and His purpose for my life WILL be fulfilled and nothing will get in the way of that! What an amazing jewel this verse is! It can give us that HOPE that we all desperately want and need. I am also a painter and love how you make the Bible come alive! Things always become more clear in my mind when I can SEE them and have some physical! So this is beyond awesome!!

    Thank you!

    • It is such a jewel! You are absolutely right! Okay you are officially entered! I’d love to see some of your paintings! xoxo

  73. i am always moved to tears at the beauty and the scriptures captured by your pieces. Each one of these 3 pieces would be very special. “Be Still” is what my momma said God was teaching her when she became ill with ALS. Those words will always remind me of how my momma had her eyes set on Jesus even in the most difficult and horrific diagnosis. He was teaching and she was listening and obeying. “It is well” reflects not only what her outlook was, but what mine is today going through her illness. It is well. All things. The good AND the bad. Because it is all for His glory. To die is gain. My momma has certainly gained. Thank you for your beautiful, tender heart that is evident in each painting I see. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  74. Such a gift you have sweet sister! (And the best part is God blesses you with so many wonderful gifts to bless others with… you don’t even know which one I’m referring too…writing, painting, singing, speaking ;))
    I would have to choose the “be still” simply because I love trees and I love that verse…it was one of the first if not the very first verse I where I knew and felt God speaking to me however many years ago when I started my journey. And it still holds such a place in my heart and is still a constant reminder for me πŸ™‚

  75. Love your story and what God had done in and through your lives ! I also LOVE your work! It’s absolutely gorgeous! ! I would love to have either #2 or 3 πŸ™‚

  76. Your art is beautiful and inspiring! What a blessing! I love that you let go and let God, and gave it to him to work through you to bring Him glory!
    Isn’t it fantastic how the Bible speaks to us so perfectly, what we need and when we need it!? At different times in my life I would choose all of these. And I’m sure I’m not alone in that! πŸ˜‰ But right now, in this momet, I would choose ‘It is well with my soul.’ I’m in the middle of my third miscarriage, and have definitely been struggling to regain feelings of peace and comfort. And, that has always been a favorite hymn of mine. No matter where I am in life, I pray to be able to say that it is well with my soul, because The Lord is with me.

  77. I love all of these, as I do all of your creations, but #3 is one I would love to display in my daughters’ room. My oldest daughter is only seven, but she is dealing with some self esteem issues. I would love to have this beautiful painting to remind her of who she is in Christ and His promises for her life. God is using this amazing hobby of yours to create beautiful masterpieces.

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