2000 was a life changing year for us. There were moments we didn’t know if we would survive, but God’s love rescued our hearts. For those out there that are hurting, confused, angry… there is hope. Real hope! Our lives are evidence of that hope and a God that is real and His love that’s healing.

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Video made by: Rob Lyons Productions

Dancing On My Ashes | The Story

19 thoughts on “Dancing On My Ashes | The Story

  1. I’m having fun getting caught up on your blog. This is such a good video. Makes me cry. Heather, I like the shot of your boots. 🙂

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  3. Reblogged this on Daily Aspects and commented:
    Everyone has seasons they go through some encounter harder seasons than others and this person, endured such hardship that was faith shaking but the outcome from a windows outcry displayed the very sovereignty our Lord provides.

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